Some girdle books I have made.  The first on I made was small, and I still use it.  I made the cover so it can be removed and a new notebook put inside.   The second two are a bit larger – you can put a cell phone in it as well as cash, pencils and the notebook.  These two were made for two gift exchanges.  The plaid one was more simple, so I added the hat – for a scottish sailor.

7/26 – Harassment Statement

Since we need to post this statement at all events, etc.  I made a medieval sign.  ts two feet tall on board, in acrylics (so it can be sealed and good for use outdoors).  I’m not skilled with lettering, but it will do.  I only used calligraphy style for “SCA” and did the rest as simple as possible to make it easily readable.

6/1/17  My Artisan Exchange person received her gift today, so I can post it now. a hand carved cedar paintbrush box and four hand made paint brushes, one feather, one red fox, one raccoon and one Jim.  For a gift exchange.

A bit of documentation about it here

Won with this poem for a Japanese Tanka (poetry) Contest,  then illustrated the poem.

This is a poem I wrote for a “Japanese Tanka Poem”contest in 2015, I also illustrated it with the painting and the Japanese calligraphy (which I had studied a bit when I lived in Japan).  My daughter-in-law translated my poem into literal Japanese for me, and another friend put it into the correct format for a Tanka poem. Look at the documentation to get a good image of the words.

 This link will take you to the documentation 

Two Newsletter Covers in 2016


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